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I made a couple 20in20 claims in order to have an excuse to post again before I go back to school ;A; I'm leaving this Wednesday, so this'll be the last post for a while, at least until December! Please enjoy ♥

45 DISGAEA (20 for solo20in20 + 25 alternates LOL)
34 TRAUMA TEAM (20 for vg20in20 + 14 alternates looool)
19 VARIOUS (8 Lily Hoshino artwork, 7 James Blake, 4 Daisy & Tung artwork)
+ 1 PLURK ICON, 1 RANDOM BANNER (Phoenix Wright)

• I like how these themes tied into the icon ~trends of today~ 8) Disgaea art is perfect cause it's always so colorful and cute! I used some images from every game, 1-4.
• Seven: I interpreted seven through the musical scale – the key signature behind Axel is C flat major, which has seven flats. I know they're not all perfectly visible but they're there? xD If that isn't acceptable, I'll sub this icon.
• Red, Black, White: Laziest set ever, but I was burned out by the time I got to these alksjfhs
• Artist's Choice: Usually I pick textures after I've already cropped the image, but I did the opposite for these icons and picked out some really fun textures I've been meaning to try using.

• oh god I should have realized there isn't much art for Trauma Team before excitedly making this claim, but I had just been playing the game and was pretty hyped up about it :'D so my apologies for the low quality of some of the icons here, it was the best I could do! I think most of these are pretty self-explanatory.
• Lyrical: from You Can Count On Me by Panda Bear. ahhh this one looks so terrible ajklhfds
• Cutting it Close: kind of awk because there are 6 main characters :'D sorry Hank, ilutoo!
• AC: I just realized what was throwing me off about this set so I replaced the last one. The previous version of it is here. Apologies again for the confusing file names, Mo;;;
• The last alternate is a play on the Vampire Weekend style of hipster album covers lol

• James Blake: Photos and video screencaps are from Pitchfork. Should have mentioned this last post;;;
• Phoenix Wright stuff: I actually made the bottom one over a year ago and never posted it, so I made a plurk icon with slightly updated coloring to match |D;;

mirror heart hidden dwarves seven
laces comb poison glass coffin sleep
red/b/w red/b/w red/b/w red/b/w red/b/w
artist's choice artist's choice artist's choice artist's choice artist's choice

trauma team
afraid drama duplicate echo face
humor lyrical memory neg. space tinytext
close close close close close
artist's choice artist's choice artist's choice artist's choice artist's choice


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